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May 15, 2008

Well since I hit off with some mixes earlier than usual this week due to Mother's Day weekend I decided to hit off with some more today. See peeps I told ya'll I will be posting on Thursday occasionally.

(Sirah One And DJ Hoppa)
Clean Windows Dirty Floors (2007)

This came out last year and this is one group that is destined to blow up. For a couple years many have asked when is there gonna female Eminem (a white female who can spit) , which is inevitable considering undergorund hip hop is strongly supported by suburban white youth. Well I think peeps may find what there looking for in Sirah. Not that she's Eminem clone-package industry act but she can spit rhymes and has underground Hip Hop background.

I first heard of her while she was on "The Last Of the Dying Millionaires" tour last year. One of the stops was at a local Hip Hop spot called "Building Blocks". I wasn't able to go to show but I but I was intrigued by this female MC on this nearly all male line up. One best things about her is she doesn't (unlike MOST female MC's) try to sound hard by trying to make her voice sound like a man, though like Medusa she does have a deep voice. Like those before her, --Monie Love,Queen Latifah, Roxanne Shante -- she can speak her rhymes without sounding like man and still come off hard and real. If you love some good underground Hip Hop give Sirah a listen you won't be disappointed.

Here's a joint off this 8 song EP.

Stop With The Advice (track 7) [3.15MB]

You can listen more of her songs @

Now I got something new for you..really new. I promise earlier that when I found a link to J & Rhett's "Ma Dukes" I would post it but guess what I found one. Detroit's DJ Houseshoes also is featured on this Mix. If you're like me and haven't heard of Houseshoes check this interview on certified Hip Hop.

J Rocc ,Rhettmatic & DJ Houseshoes
Ma Dukes Collection [91 MB] (2008)

01. Ma Dukes (Mrs Yancey) - Speaks
02. Phoreyz - Intro
03. Black Milk & Guilty Simpson - Freestyle
04. Bishop Lamont, Frank Nitty & focus - Baby
05. Affion Crocket - Wildin’ Out (The Offcial)
06. Rhettmatic - Wut Up Doe Mix
07. Styles Of Beyond - Freestyle
08. Elzhi - Freestyle
09. Bahamadia - Freestyle
10. Houseshoes - A Legend In His Own Time
11. Illa J - freestyle
12. Chali2na & Rakaa - Freestyle
13. Frank N Dank - Freestyle
14. J. Rocc - The Dill Withers Mix
15. The Roots - Freestyle
16. Team Get Em’ (Ohno & Roc C) - Freestyle
17. Supastar Dave Dar, Strickland & Wordsworth - Freestyle
18. Chali2na - Freestyle
19. Akrobatik & Talib Kweli - Put Ya Stamp On It
20. Bonus Track - Outro

This is mix made by DJ Rhettmatic (beat Junkies) based upon the Adam Sandler's movie the "Wedding Singer". Rhettmatic mixes classic "old school" jams into something funky and dancable. Just like the title suggests this something you would expect to hear at a wedding but and a big but (lol) that most wedding DJ's are not skilled on mix as Rhettmatic is.

DJ Rhettmatic
The Wedding Mixer [75 MB] (2002)


Make That Move - Shalamar
Back In Love Again - LTD
Love Come Down - Evelyn "Champagne" King
Cold Blooded - RickJamesBitch
Sticky Situation - Tyrone Brunson
Tricky - The Time
The Party Just Begun - Pretty Tony
Can U Feel The Beat - Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam
Girls (Instrumental) - Egyptian Lover
Situation - Yaz
Planet Rock - Soulsonic Force
I'm Freaky - O'Brien
Keep It Live - Dazz Band
Meeting In The Ladies Room - Klymaxx
Get Up On The Good Foot - James Brown
Cavern - Liquid Liquid
Rock Creek Park - The Blackbyrds
I Get Lifted - KC & The Sunshine Band
Rock, Bounce, Roll & Skate - Mason Vaughn & Crew
Rapper's Delight - Sugar Hill Gang
Got To Be Real - Cheryl Lynn
Housequake - Prince
I Can't Go For That - Hall & Oates
Billie Jean - Michael Jackson
Supercuts - Rodney O & Joe Cooley
Freeworld - Jesse Johnson
Jam On It - Newcleus
Looking For The Perfect Beat - Soulsonic Force
I Gotta Be Tough - MC Shy-D
Brazillian Rhyme - Earth, Wind & Fire
96 In The Shade - Third World

Here's a mixtape from Jedi Mind Tricks own Vinnie Paz that came out a few years ago. I'm not really familiar with JMT's music but I heard a lot of good things about them.

---rant begin---
I was really looking to see them perform live at last year's Rock the Bells festival in my hometown of San Bernardino ,CA but due the clusterf**k that was RTB 2007. I was stuck with hundreds of other event goers waiting two (ticket holders) to FOUR hours (will call ticket holders) to get into the venue. Missing half the show. Chang Weisberg & the rest of Guerilla Union staff definitely didn't have their sh*t together that day.
---rant end---

Anyway here's some Jedi for ya'll.

Vinnie Paz
The Sound And The Fury [51 MB] (2006)

01. Sound and the Fury Intro
02. Silence and I
03. The Rebuilding (feat. Jus Allah)
04. When You Need Me (feat. Apathy & Planet)
05. A Man Apart (feat. Reef the Lost Cauze, Black Plague, and B.) Lynch
06. Blood Red Path
07. Rise of the Machines (feat. Ras Kass) (Remix)
08. The Omen (feat. Block McCloud)
09. Suckaz (feat. Supernatural)
10. Urban Gorillaz (feat. Sabac Red and Q-Unique)
11. The Onslaught (feat. Kingsyze, Sabac Red, and Planet)
12. Liberal Arts (feat. Canibus)
13. Speak Now (feat. Esoteric and Apathy)
14. Blitz Inc. (feat. Kingsze and Esoteric)
15. Language is Fatal (feat. Doap Nixon, Jus Allah, and Planet)
16. Raw is War
17. Beatdown (feat. Virtuoso, T-Ruckus, and Jus Allah )
18. Heavy Metal Kings (One Remix)
19. Blades of Glory (feat. Outerspace)

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