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May 22, 2008

Cincinnati's Mr. Dibbs has been representin' the midwest for awhile now. He's has been working with canada's Killa Jewel on a upcoming album called "Saudade".

Mr. Dibbs
The Best of The Good And The Bad
Of The Ugly [76 MB] (2008)

01. Joey Hates Me
02. Carcass (From Eat Meat Vol. 1)
03. Jackin For Freaks feat. Slug Of Atmosphere
04. Dibbs vs. The 5th Element
05. The Blueprint
06. Alien Workshop Commercial
07. MegaJux (I'll Sleep When You're Dead Megamix)
08. #31614 (30th Song Megamix)
09. Dibbs vs. Droopy Donuts
10. Turntable Scientifics (Snippet)
11. Crank Dat Hate (Turntable Hardcore Remix)
12. Teddy
13. Dibbs & Murs Check In feat. Murs, Rob Viktum, R. Rockwell & Terror
14. Live @ Scribble Jam 2002
15. The Drama Buddy Routine
16. Deltabound
17. Altrition featuting Eyedea

This was originally put out on cassette in 1995 and was rereleased on CD in 1998.

Mr. Dibbs
Turntable Scientifics [83 MB] (1998)

01. Aneurysms
02. Hypothalamus

I got a remix to the Grandmasters:DJ Muggs Vs Gza that came out in 2005. It has appearence by LA underground MC legend Ras Kass.

DJ Muggs Vs. GZA
Grandmasters Remix [46 MB] (2007)

01. Opening (Remix)
02. Those That's Bout It (Remix)
03. Destruction Of A Guard (Remix) feat. Ras Kass
04. Exploitation Of Mistakes (Remix)
05. General Principles (Remix)
06. Advance Pawns (Remix) feat. RZA, Raekwon & Sen Dog
07. Queen's Gambit (Remix)
08. All In Together Now (Remix) feat. RZA
09. Unstoppable Threats (Remix
10. Unprotected Pieces (Remix)
11. Illusory Protection (Remix)
12. Smothered Mate (Remix)

Here's the original CD. One of the best collobos in long while. check it if you haven't heard it. If you love Wu and Cypress you'll love this.

DJ Muggs Vs. Gza
The Grandmasters [54 MB] (2005)

2.Those That's Bout It
3.Destruction Of A Guard
4.Exploitation Of Mistakes
5.General Principles
6.Advance Pawns
7.Queen's Gambit
8.All In Together Now
9.Unstoppable Threats
10.Unprotected Pieces
11.Illusory Protection
12.Smothered Mate

Here's the collobo between Muggs and Sick Jacken from Psycho Realm. Hopefully there will be a third "DJ Muggs vs." maybe with Rakaa Iriescience from Dilated Peoples,Ras Kass or KRS One that would dope.

DJ Muggs vs. Sick Jacken
Legend Of The Mask And The Assassin [83 MB] (2007)

01. The Initiation
02. Mask And The Assasin
03. Ciclon
04. Land Of Shadows
05. God's Banker
06. Reptilian Renaissance
07. Praying Mantis
08. El Barrio
09. Interlude
10. Unorthodox Block
11. The Hole (P.O.W.)
12. Stairs To The Beast
13. Black Ships
14. Rebel Angel
15. Silent Crimes
16. 2012

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