Beat Junkies Part 2

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May 5, 2008

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Here's mix by J Rocc & Truly Odd. I got most of these mixes off masscorporation's Blog ( He seems to break down most mixes in two parts. Which is good if one doesn't like waiting to download a big file (over 80 MB) like I do.

J Rocc & Truly Odd
Heavyweights [100MB]

01. Ben Buford & Truly Odd - X-cersise 1-2
02. Bumpy Knuckles - Stock In The Game
03. Checkmate - The Devil vs. The Maker
04. Coco Brovaz - Super Brooklyn
05. D.I.T.C. - Time To Get This Money
06. D.I.T.C. - Weekend Nights
07. Defari feat. Chuck Hustle - Aged Whiskey, Aged Remy
08. Dilated Peoples - Platform
09. Ghostface Killah - One
10. Lord Have Mercy feat. M.O.P. - Home Sweet Home
11. The Lux - Reconize
12. Missin Linx feat. Freddie Foxxx - Family Ties
13. Mobb Deep - Last Supper
14. Quasimoto - C'Mon Feet
15. Reflection Eternal - Some Kind Of Wonderful
16. Screwball feat. MC Shan - You Love To Hear The Stories
17. Self Scientific - Best Part
18. Slum Village - Players (2 The Beat)

[The songs are listed for some reason in alphabetical order NOT in the order of the mix. I don't have clue why someone did this but this tracklisting is all I could find on the net.]

I got some more of J Rocc & Rhettmatic in 1997.You have to download it two parts

J Rocc & Rhettmatic
Dynamic Duo

Part One[102MB]
Part two [68 MB]

Another, Yes another J Rocc mix. This is volume 6. I haven't tracked the other volumes down yet but I'll keep trying. I'm not sure the year this was produced. You have download this in two parts as well.

J Rocc
Jazzy Grooves Vol 6

part 1 [102MB]

Part two [18 MB]

Heres the missing "Taster's Choice Volume One" by J Rocc. You might have to copy and paste the link it's supposely protected for some reason. This mix (i haven't heard it yet) is supposed to a mix brazilian rhythms and beats NOT hip hop & soul like the other taster's choice.

Part 1 [102 MB]

Part 2 [23 MB]

If the above link is block you should be able to use these link:
part 1
part 2

I just found this one today on spanish blog. It's brand new! It's J Rocc producing a mix for Jazz's premier record label named Blue Note. Also below the link is the original songs that many Hip Hop artists sampled from the Blue Note library. To read more about this mix click here

J Rocc
Droppin Science With Blue Note [44 MB](2008)

Droppin Science
Blue Note's Greatest Samples [86 MB]

1- Lou Donaldson – It’s Your Thing
2- Ronnie Foster – Mystic Brew
3- Donald Byrd – Think Twice
4- David McCullum – The Edge
5- Brother Jack McDuff – Obliguetto
6- Joe Williams – Get Out Of My Life Woman
7- Grant Green – Down Here On The Ground
8- Lonnie Smith – Spinning Wheel
9- Jeremy Steig – Howling For Judy
10- Lou Donaldson – Who’s Making Love

Ok now for some Shortkut. Shortkut like DJ What? & Mr. Choc doesn't produced as many mixes as J Rocc & Babu or at least I haven't heard of many or found many. Anyways here's couple of links I did find.

DJ Shortkut
Goin Uptown:
The New Jack Swing Era Mix [122MB] (2007)

1. Every Little Step - Brown, Bobby (1)
2. Around The Way Girl - LL Cool J
3. I Thought It Was Me - BBD
4. If I'm Not Your Lover - Al B. Sure & Slick Rick
5. Somebody For Me - Heavy D & The Boyz
6. I Like It - Guy
7. I Want Her - Sweat, Keith
8. Roses Are Red - Mac Band
9. I'll Do For You - Father MC
10. Is It Good For You - Lucas, Tammy
11. My Perogative - Brown, Bobby (1)
12. You Can Call Me Crazy - Guy
13. Rub You The Right Way - Gill, Johnny
14. Iesha - Another Bad Creation
15. Poison - BBD
16. New Jack Swing - Wreckx n' Effect
17. We've Got Our Own Thing - Heavy D & The Boyz
18. Feels Good - Tony Toni Tone

Blunted with a Beat Junkie [54 mb] (2004)

1. King Tubby – King Tubby’s Explosion Dub
2. The Observers – Dubbing With The Observers
3. The Aggrovators – Jah Jah Dub
4. Augustus Pablo – The Big Rip Off
5. Scotty – Draw Your Brakes
6. Charlie Chaplin – Entertainer
7. John Wayne – You Too Greedy
8. The Aggrovators – A Crabbit Version
9. Don Carlos – Laser Beam
10. Poppa Tollo – Nuff Stylee
11. George McKay – Money Money
12. King Tubby – I Trim The Barber
13. John Holt – Ali Baba
14. King Tubby & The Aggrovators – Straight To Jackson’s Head
15. Matumbi – Law Of The Land
16. I Roy – Dr Phibbs
17. The Observers – Water Boiling
18. Lloyd Parks – Stop The War Now
19. Soul Messengers – Do It (Till You’re Satisfied)
20. Dennis Alcapone – The Funky Tang
21. Bob Marley & The Wailers – Soul Almighty
22. Augustus Pablo – East Of The River Nile
23. The Pioneers – Na Na, Hey Hey (Kiss Him Goodbye)
24. Barrington Levy – Collie Weed
25. John Holt – Police In Helicopter
26. Eek A Mouse – Sensee Party
27. Frankie Paul – Pass The Tu-Sheng Peng
28. Tristan Palma, Jah Thomas & Ranking Toyan – Entertainment
29. Jah Thomas – Friday Night Jamboree
30. Clint Eastwood & General Saint – Another One Bites The Dust
31. Neville Brown – The Right Time
32. Purple Man – King Of The Way
33. Bob Marley – Sun Is Shining
34. Jah Thomas - Dancehall Connection
35. Errol Dunkley – A Little Different Way
36. Dennis Brown – Here I Come

Here's some Triple Threat. Triple Threat is a group consisting of Invisibl Skratch Picklz's Apollo, 5th Platoon's Vin Roc and The Beat Junkies/ISP own Shortkut.They been holding down the Bay Area for a couple years now.They doing big things up there along with Mr. E & Fran Boogie.

Triple Threat
Many Styles
[91 MB](2003)

01-Many Styles
02-Can I Get The Mic
03-Hit Em Off (Zion I)
04-Tha Cipa (Rob Swift, Roc Raida)
05-Hip Hop Worth Dying (Talib Kweli and Main Flow)
06-2 Minute Warning
07-Hey DJ
08-On and On (ft Mystic)
09-How U Talking (ft Main Flow and Goapele)
10-Can I Hear Some Scratchin
11-Bring Da Ruckus
12-Ya Feelin It (ft Souls of Mischief)
13-True Brothaz
14-Aye Mang
15-You Got 2 (ft Main Flow and Black Thought)
16-The Green Room
17-We Got That (ft Roc Roo)
18-The Realist (ft Planet Asia)
19-Can You Play Some Chune
20-Move Down Presa (ft Ridgi Gong)
21-The Life
22-Were Triple Threat
23-Morning Showers

I already posted Part One here's a link to hear a stream of Part 2 of Babu's mix.You have Quicktime to listen to the podcast.

If Case You Haven't Heard Part 2 [2007]
You can listen to podcast here:

And yup I finally found Volume 2 of Duck Season. It took awhile but as you can see I got it.

Duck Season Vol2 [79 MB]

1. Duck Season 2 - Various Artists
2. Raise The Bar - Kweli, Talib
3. Street - A.G.
4. Do For Yourself - Chace
5. Official - Jaylib
6. Ends To Means - Rakaa
7. Elevate Build Create - Phil Da Agony
8. Serious (The Message) - 1st Infantry & Prodigy
9. Skit - Defari & Phil Da Agony/Krondon
10. Behold My Like - Defari
11. Right Or Wrong - Planet Asia
12. Time To Rep - Babu & Medaphoar/Oh No/Wildchild/
13. Think Fast - Infamous Mob
14. Skit - Rakaa & Evidence
15. Deadly Habits - Gang Starr
16. Song - Krondon
17. I Got This - Likwit Junkies
18. Underground - KRS-One
19. Booyakah (Click Click) - Sly Boogy
20. Outro - Beat Junkies

I will be upoloading some classic Icy Ice & DJ Rhettmatic mixes from 92.3 The Beat fM in Los Angeles from 1996. Check for those this weekend.

Now on Monday I got's rare and unusual mixes for ya'll.

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