Turkish Coffee,Food Stamp & Dilated Peoples Mixes

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April 23, 2008

Well I finished my remix to my remix of Usher's "My Boo".This a total new remix. I didn't use anything from my original remix except some drum hits here and there. It contains a sample of "Missing" by Evanescence that some of you might notice. It has a kinda of laid back feel to it. check for yourself.

Usher & Alicia Keys
My Boo Remix 3:22 [6.19 MB]
The Dynamic Hamza 21

Ok this right here is an ecletic mix of Middle eastern funk and psychadelic rock fused together in a hip hop style. Haroon Al Qahtani, unlike many of today's so called "Hip Hop" DJ's, definitely has an ear for the funky and can combine that into something great. No top 40 weak rap (Crap) here. Open your mind people and enjoy.

Haroon Al Qahtani
Turkish Coffee Breaks 66:36 [61 MB]

New Link (01.30.2011)


I must admit I've been sleeping on this guy,an Oregon DJ named Food Stamp . He has many good mixcds out there (I will be posting them in future posts :D).Check this Dilated Peoples mix.


01. DJ Food Stamp - Intro
02. This Way feat. Kanye West
03. Live On Stage (remix) feat. Talib Kweli
04. No Retreat feat. B-Real
05. No Retreat (Kutmasta Kurt Remix)
06. Certified Official
07. Love And War (Stamp Blend)
08. Marathon
09. Evidence And Mr. Eon - E=MC2 (Remix)
10. Work The Angles
11. Ill boogie feat. Rakaa Iriscience And Babu - On Deadly Ground
12. Worst Comes To Worst (Remix) feat. Havoc & Guru
13. Global Dynamics
14. Defari feat. Dilated Peoples - Behold My Life
15. High And The Mighty feat. Evidence & Defari - Top Prospect
16. Babu feat. Rakaa Iriscience - Ends To Means
17. Rework The Angles feat. AG, Defari & Xzibit
18. Basics feat. Defari
19. Peanut Butter Wolf feat. Babu - Casio
20. Boulevard Connection feat. Rakaa Iriscience, Last Emperor, Maylay Sparks & Babu - Copenhagen (Claimin Respect)
21. Swollen Members feat. Dilated Peoples - Counterparts
22. The Platform
23. Rasco feat. Defari & Dilated Peoples - Major League
24. Third Degree feat. Defari
25. Back Again


Since I'm posting a Dilated Peoples best of I might as well post some more since you can never have enough Dilated..you know?


01. Bright Lights Big City
02. The Platform (Remix)
03. Heavy Lighting
04. Suckers Are Hiddin'
05. Confidence
06. No Retreat (Remix)
07. End Of The Time
08. You Make The Choice (Weed vs. Beer)
09. Pushing Limits
10. After The Heat
11. Search 4 Bobby Fisher
12. Third Degree feat. Defari
13. Triple Optics (Remix)
14. Strength
15. The Ruggedness
16. Claiming Respect feat. Last Emperor & Rasheed


Here's also a little beat I call "The Benefit" I made up with a Hamza Yusuf sample and sample of Hamza El Din's (Rahimatullah) "Escalay".

"The Benefit" ft. Shaykh Hamza Yusuf

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One more thing although I've been posting regularly for about month on this and my previous blog,I haven't been posting on a regular schedule. So for now I'm gonna try to post every MONDAY and possibly every Thursday,time permitted. Most definitely every Monday for now on. So Hip Hop lovers come check out "Domeshots and Fat Laces" every monday for a new mix or two.

Peace & Blessings

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