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April 11, 2008

Well I decided to stop posting on my old blog of the same name Domeshots & Fat Laces ( and continue on this blog of the same name BUT different URL. I will continue to post links to mixtapes, profiles on Hip Hop's pioneers and info on upcoming Hip Hoppas who deserve a chance to shine. As well I will be periodically taking old posts from my previous blog and reposting them here.

Now of course I could not let this week go by without mentioning upon passing of one of Hip hop's pioneering B Boys Frosty Freeze of the Rock Steady Crew. Sadly, Frosty passed away last Thursday April 3, 2008 after being hospitalized for about a week.To leave your memory or hear others experiences and good times with Frosty you can click here:

"Frosty Freeze"

Also to mark this occasion I think it would appropriate to reflect upon Hip Hop origins through the music that fueled the culture. Here 's link to Rock Steady Crew's 3oth Anniversary mixtape by DJ JS 1,DJ DV One & J Period:

Rock Steady Crew 30th Anniversay Mixtape

1. Crazy Legs Intro - Shaft In Africa
2. J.Period Intro
3. Scorpio
4. Theme From S.W.A.T. - Zulu War Chant
5. Heaven & Hell (Interlude)
6. Rapper’s Delight
7. Funky Music Is The Thing
8. Think
9. Space Dust (Interlude)
10. It Takes Two
11. Apache
12. Set It Off
13. Know The Ledge
14. Treat Em Right
15. The Creator
16. You Must Learn (J.Period Breaks Remix)
17. Breaker’s Revenge
18. Looking For The Perfect Beat
19. Planet Rock
20. Cavern - White Lines
21. Favorite Break (Interlude)
22. Mambo #5
23. Funky Nassau
24. Rock Creek Park
25. Js-1 Intro
26. Js Scratch Intro - Love N Affection
27. Shifting Gears
28. Son Of Scorpio - Stone Fox Chase
29. Theme From Planets - Pick Up The Pieces
30. Action
31. Catch A Groove
32. Satin Soul
33. I Like Funky Music
34. It's My Thing
35. Last Night Changed It All
36. Let's Get Small - Get Up & Dance
37. Mardi Gras
38. Miss B’way
39. I'm Gonna Get You
40. Greedy G
41. Back In Love Again
42. Daisy Lady
43. Theme From 2001
44. The Champ - Warm It Up Kane
45. Walk This Way - Art Of Noise
46. Another One Bites The Dust - Boogie Down Bx
47. Shack Up
48. Jam On The Groove
49. Hot Pants
50. I Know You Got Soul
51. Street Talk - Bad Boys - Black Grass
52. Groove To Get Down
53. I Can't Stop - Tramp
54. Planetary Citizen
55. Joyous
56. Lovermaniacs(Sex) - Axel Foley Theme
57. Soul Makossa - Din Da Da
58. Runaway
59. Let's Dance - You And Love Are The Same
60. Once In A Lifetime
61. Gotta Get Out Of Here
62. Favorite Break #2 (Interlude)
63. It's Just Begun 63. Keeping Rock Steady Alive (Interlude)
64. Dv-One Intro
65. Rock Steady (Remix)
66. Bustin Loose
67. In E Gada Da Vida
68. Aquarius
69. Vitamin C
70. Blow Your Head
72. Clear
73-80. [Bonus Mix] Dv-One James Brown Tribute Mix
81. Crazy Legs Outtro (Featuring Mayda Del Valle)

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