T KID started writing in The Bronx during the mid 1970s. Influences like PADRE and TRACY 168 provided an excellent foundation for this future style master. By 1979 he was a consistent presence on Broadway (IRT 1 Line). He later expanded to make his mark on the 1,2,3,4,5 and 6 IRT subway lines.

T KID became famous for his unique lettering and illustration style. In addition to being admired for his artistic ability, in the early to mid 1980s he gained a reputation as being one of the most feared writers of the time. The crew The Vamp Squad of which T KID was a member allegedly robbed and beat many writers who crossed their path.

This time period was also a creative peak for T KID. He along with writers like BOOZER, KEL 139, SHY 147, RIN and SHOCK 123 created countless wild style whole cars on the IRTs. T KID also produced many paintings for his own crew The Nasty Boys.
In the late 1990s T KID made a come back on the streets of New York City. He has participated in the creation of many breathtaking murals through out the city.

T KID's lettering style has influenced many writers both from New York City and across the globe.

1) When did you start writing and where.
I started back in the 1970's on watson ave in the Bronx first tag was in the park in Soundview I wrote king 13 back then and the first time I used a pilot was to get up my gang..( THE BRONX ENCHANTERS)

2) Who were the first writers you met in those early years?
In 75 I changed my name to SEN 102 and got up with the renegades of harlem (DANCO SMOKEY DIMOND DAVE GREEN EYES oh yea and this cat who wrote SLY108.. Then in 77 I came up with TKID.. and my first real partner was this kid name PESSER aka INT.

3)what was the first train line you hit in those early years/
The first train I hit was a 6 train layed up between Rosedale ave & Soundview ave. But My real shit started On the 1 line with PESSER aka INT 1.

4) Who were the writers that inspired you to be who you are now?
The first writers to inspire me was TRACY 168. then I saw shit from kids like CHI ~CHI 133,
. ..but the writers that inspired me where PART, NOC 167, KOOL 131, CHAIN 3, and the one who sat down and taught me style was again TRACY 168

5) Could you tell us about the first piece you did on a train and who were you with?
My first piece i was by myself on a layup in the bx and it was a King 13 bronx enchanters..and it was busted..I was a whack ass toy ...

6) What were your favorite colors and what was your favorite paint to us?
My favorite color was Empire green ( RED DEVIL) and Bermuda blue..RED DEVIL PAINT WAS THE SHIT BACK THEN..Now my favorite is MONTANA..

7) What do you feel was the best piece that you ever did on the subway trains.
my best piece was the Fuck all kings car i did with CEM2 and MACK..and Tales of the Ghost car also with CEM2 and MACK.

SHOCK 123, T-KID 170, CEM2

8) When did The nasty boys ( TNB) start and can you tell us who were the earler members of the group.
The Nasty Boyz started in 77 and it was me PESSER aka INT1, MIKE DUST, JOKER, RASE1 aka COPPER, CRAZY 505..NUGGET. LA ROCK and SHOCK 123 then BIL ROCK161,
from Rock Steady Crew and RINONE.

by Julius Cavero & Martha Cooper

9) You were also a member of the famous vamp squad could you tell us about some of your experiences with them.

The Vamp Squad.. hum what can I say.. I started that in oct of 78 Mike dust came up with the name Vamp and I said lets start a crew called THE VAMP SQUAD.. and it was all about robin and stealing.. Vamping the Vics ( Taking N****s shit) and it was all good till 1980 when shit got out of hand.. First it was me, MIKE DUST, SHOCK123, MASE,WAR1, VISTA1 ,TAKE1, BILROCK161, then when we put RIN-ONE and his Staten island posse..
shit got crazy them S.I kidz wanted to rob girls and old people that's when I said later for that shit I aint going down for robbing the elderly or females.. But we did some wild ass shit.. the kind of shit you hear about on the news.. CRIME SPREE type shit.. it was ill.

10) Could you tell us any tales from the Ghost yard.
There was so many Tales from the Ghost yard. The first writers to give the Ghost yard was CHI-CHI 133 and TRACY 168. Later I ran that yard me CEM, MACK, KENN, we use to catch kids in droves ..line them up and make them run their shit.. Beat them down so they wouldn't come back to the yard and make it hot for us. Shit you know how many toys quit after 1 visit to the Ghost and had the misfortune to get caught by us.. shit MTA should have made us Deputies and paid us for all the vandalism we prevented by vicing these toys..lol

BOOZER, T-KID 170, KENN taking over the Broadway line.

11) What train line belonged to you back in the days?
The 1 line was mythe first line I kinged, and I ran it from 77 to 81 but I bombed the 2,3,4,5,and sometimes the 6 never the 7..I hit RR,D,B,CC ,N,J..I never liked the letter lines..I preferred the IRT`s...


12) Did you have any battles on the train lines, with other writers ?
Yea there where always some kind of battling going on.. Tagging, Bombing, piecing, I chose to do end to ends.. and I and kinged the lines with those end to ends.

T-KID 170 IN HARLEM 2001

13) Could you name all the lines you painted on thru out the years./
1,2,3,4,5,and sometimes the 6 never the 7..I hit RR,D,B,CC ,N,J.. I never liked the letter lines. I preferred the IRT`s...
14) When was the last time you painted on a train?
The last time I hit a New York train was in 90 I was with SEEN UA.

15) What will we see from T-kid in the future and where can we see more of your art as well?
Well I'm still getting up and I do a lot of shit in Europe as well as New York walls. I always try to change my style to keep up with the times . I keep it real and I stay up that what tru kings do!! PEACE!!!!!

T-KID 170 In 2003

- SUBWAY OUTLAWS @t149st.com



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