Domeshots & Fat Laces vol 3: Lady Pink

Originally posted on December29,2005
She is one of best known and rare female graf writers. The old school legend herself....


Started:1979 Primary affiliations: TPA, TC5 Local origin: Queens, NY
Areas hit: IRTs, INDs, BMTs Main lines: 2s, 5s, CCs

Sandra Fabara aka PINK or LADY PINK was born in Ecuador, raised in New York City. She is the most committed and enduring female writer of all time and can without question be labeled the most accomplished woman in the history of writing. In 1979 PINK came into prominence in the New York City subway graffiti scene. There had been few female writers of significance since the early 1970s.

During the late 1970s and early 1980s PINK wrote on a variety of subway lines with the top crews in the city. Her artistic ability progressed rapidly; prompting respect and admiration from within the graffiti community. Along with the admiration came jealousy and spite, particularly because she was talented and female. PINK remained unintimidated and continued to break new ground. Her career would excel well beyond those of her critic's, both in quantity and quality. In addition to her accomplishments on the subway system PINK was involved in many important gallery exhibitions of aerosol art during the early 1980s including the Fashion Moda gallery. Her work has also been displayed at the Whitney Museum and the Bronx Museum of the Arts.

“It’s a difficult field for a woman. There’s... the attitude that women are too weak and therefore a liability, or the attitude that they just can’t do it. I was 15 or 16 at the time and I didn’t want to hear that. It’s hard for a girl to be a graffiti artist. You might as well throw your reputation in the dirt. Everyone thinks you’re a slut. I needed to hold my head up and prove that I could do it for other women...”
“I try to show younger artists that with enough passion you can achieve great things.”

She has remained active in graffiti culture on many levels, from formal art venus such as art galleries, museums and commissioned paintings to traditional graffiti street murals and even freight trains. She has style and painting ability that are clearly the results of a powerfully creative mind. PINK has painted all over the world and is still very active.

source: at149

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