Thursday, October 16, 2014

DJ 4AM - 95 Era Steez

I definitely wasn't feeling Side A of this two sided mix by DJ 4AM. The tunes were a bit on the boring side but Side B starts off perfectly and continues to deliver superb little heard east coast 1995 Hip Hop.

I'm especially loving the fact Mad Lion's Double Trouble is included in the mix. That's one joint from my crates I always used to rock while playing live. My advice listen to Side B first then listen side A.

95 Era Steez
(2014) |205 MB|

DJ 4AM - 95 Era Steez

Monday, October 13, 2014

Profile - Silent Selector Vol. 9

San Diego's Profile most certainly delivers some deep Boogie Funk in Volume 9 edition of Mellow Orange's Silent Selector series of mixes. If this mix doesn't improve your mood than nothing will. Nothing but solidly superb tunes.

"I enjoy playing different types of genre's because it makes me appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into making music and it doesn't pigeon hole me into one " type " of sound and I also don't worry what other people think in terms of what I am playing because I feel like a lot of cats out there are just fronting any way LOL So I decided to go with a groovy dance oriented mix with some classics and some obscure joints sprinkled with the right amount soul and funk. Enjoy."

Silent Selector Vol 9
(2014) |113 MB|

Silent Selector Vol. 9 -  Profile (2014)

Thursday, October 09, 2014

DJ Surmah & DJ Diego Break - The Latin Connection Mixtape

Spain's DJ Surmah and DJ Diego Break spin a delicious,smooth and funky set of Latin flavor breaks and fast paced Hip Hop in this recently released mixtape. This is definitely one for your collection!

DJ Surmah & DJ Diego Break
The Latin Connection Mixtape
(2014) |99 MB|

DJ Surmah & DJ Diego Break - The Latin Connection Mixtape (2014)

Sivion - Real Talk (Soulseize remix)

Today I have some fresh Ill music from Z├╝rich's SoulSeize. Taking a song by Sivion's 2013 album Group Therapy Soul Seize adds a touch of soul and a harder boom bap sound to the original tune. This is one case where the remix is levels better than the original.

If you haven't yet be sure to check Soul Seize's 2011 Remix collection Here

ft. muzeONE, Jurny Big
& DJ Sean P
Real Talk
(Soulseize Remix)
(2014) |9 MB|

Sivion - Real Talk (Soulseize remix)

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