Monday, April 14, 2014

Goldstar - Original Breaks

I have say I loved many of the tunes in the mix. A large part of which I never head before. The mix goes on a bit too long for my taste, I was never a fan of mixes over an hour, however the little known funk tunes along with a few time tested classics makes this a collection worthy mix.

Original Breaks
(2012) |78 MB|

Goldstar - Original Breaks (2012)

REPOST - Pipomixes - SouthernPlayalisticTurntableBlendingMuzik

I have a lot respect for DJ Platurn but I was a bit let down by his recently released tribute mix to Outkast Here. The pace of the mix was a bit slow, though I love the concept of dropping the original samples to bring a different flavor to the tribute.

Noticeably different, and in my opinion, more enjoyable is the tribute mix to Outkast fellow blogger and DJ Pipomixes made five years ago in 2009. Rather than post DJ Platurn's mix and since Pipo doesn't have it posted on his any of the mix sites I'm reposting it today. Enjoy!

(2009) | 60 MB|

Pipomixes - SouthernPlayalisticTurntableBlendingMuzik (2009)

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Dee Jay Eveready - The Fidelity Mixtape

Unlike many of my peers I enjoy hearing new joints that make me remember why I love Hip Hop than listening to the same old songs over and over again. I wish more deejays would dig deeper for great music instead of relying on present top 40 radio playlists or be satisfy in playing old radio hits from 20 to 30 years ago.

Anyhow this new mix by Australia's Deejay Eveready is a bit long, I prefer shorter mixes, but all the tracks are all on point. No autotune or top 40 rap, nothing but new solid Hip Hop. As I always say there is plenty of quality Hip Hop still being produced but you have dig for it as Deejay Eveready demonstrates in this mixtape.

Dee Jay Eveready
The Fidelity Mixtape
(2014) |182 MB|

Dee Jay Eveready - The Fidelity Mixtape

DJ Patience - Magnet B-Boy Funk Mix

Not exactly what you expect from a "Bboy Mix" but a solid listen none the less. You can expect a few classic breaks and Hip Hop joints like Apache and Peter Piper and some newer breakbeats. I would have preferred more Funk breaks but overall a nice collection of tunes.

DJ Patience
Magnet B-Boy Funk Mix
(2012) |115 MB|

DJ Patience - Magnet B-Boy Funk Mix

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